The government has confirmed the list of strategic investment projects

Almaty. 15th of September. The government of Kazakhstan has confirmed the list of strategic investment projects.  

The corresponding regulation of the government signed by the prime-minister K. Masimov on the 1st of September was published on Tuesday in the official press.

The document comes into force from the date of the first official publication.

The given list includes 29 investment projects:

- The organization of manufacture of chlorine and caustic soda by membrane method;
- Expansion and reconstruction of the Ekibastuz GRES power station-2;
- Expansion and reconstruction of the Ekibastuz  GRES power station -1;
- Manufacture of road bitumen at Aktau factory of plastics;
- Building of the metallurgical complex including metallurgical treatment and objects of infrastructure;
- Building of the first integrated gas chemical facility in Atyrau oblast;
- Factory building on manufacture of polycrystalline silicon in Kazakhstan;
- Expansion of Aktau international seaport for increased volume of transfer of oil and dry cargoes;
- Building of Balkhash TPS (thermoelectric power station);
- Complex development of "Shymbulak" mounting skiing resort;
- Building of Bejneu-Bozoj-Akbulak main gas pipeline;
- Building of locomotive factory in Astana;
- Organisation of manufacture of locomotive cars;
- Expansion and modernisation of manufacture of ferroalloys at Taraz metal plant;
- Building of Majnaksky hydroelectric power station (HEPS);
- Building of gas turbine station at  Akshabulak deposit;
- Building of Ural gas turbine station;
- Modernisation of the national electric network of Kazakhstan, 2nd stage;
- Reconstruction and modernisation of Atyrau oil refinery plant;
- Reconstruction and modernisation of Shymkent oil refinery plant;
- Reconstruction and modernisation of Pavlodar oil refinery plant;
- Manufacture of potash fertilizers;
- Manufacture of sulfuric acid;
- Manufacture main rails of type Р-65;
- Creation of digital TV;
- Building of pharmaceutical factory in Astana;
- Creation of the single system of medical products distribution, products of medical appointment and medical equipment for the state medical organizations;
- Updating of locomotive park by the diesel locomotives produced by locomotives assembly factory in Astana;
- The organization of manufacture of electric locomotives on the basis of “Bajterek-A” JSC in Atbasar of Akmolinsky oblast.


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